Rivers, oceans and mountains.

Shimanto, a paradise that has it all.

Shimanto is situated in Takaoka village in Kochi Prefecture around the middle of the Shimanto River, one of Japan’s last pristine waters.

Ayu (sweetfish), eel, crawfish and Japanese mitten crab can be found in the waters while fireflies and wild birds echo throughout the forest.

The river is surrounded by rice paddies and the cheers of nearby river rafters abound.

Kids playfully jumping into the river from the low bridge and the peacefully drifting paddleboarders and canoeists decorate the scenery.

The nearby Pacific Ocean features surfers riding the waves and divers swimming with the tropical fishes.

Under the star-filled night sky, plenty of campers create their own stories.

In Shimanto, where pristine waters, ravines and the Pacific Ocean converge, you can be free to enjoy to your heart’s content.

Come experience Shimanto in your own way.